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Is there some kind of a guide on mounting props and selecting spinners/nose cones?

I feel like I've been really messing up in my selection of prop mounts and the choice of nosecones.

Is there some kind of a guide for how this is to be done? It seems to be a haphazard affair for me, and I have learned little. I just kind of cobble something together, which usually does not look very scale, and does not work really well, unless it is a scale part of a foamy.
ETA: Meaning that my nosecones are never straight, or mounted very well. There is some kind of vibration or off-center business going on. Some of it is correctable but it is never permanently fixed. How do you balance something that can't be gripped by both sides?


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Pictures tell 1000 words. My spinner has a plate that you put behind the prop, then slide the prop on, then the prop nut, and then the spinner slides over them and screws/snaps on to the back plate. But without pictures and descriptions of the items i personally can't be of assistance. I do know I am using a 2 1/2" spinner on my FT mustang and it looks pretty scale.


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When I find that the spinner mounting hole is too large for a tight fit on the motor shaft or prop adapter I just dip into my bag of Prop spacers, (the little plastic donuts that you get with each prop you purchase). With a the adapter fitted the spinner cerntres well and the whole thing can then be balanced or its balance checked.

Have fun!


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At times, getting the spinner right can be frustrating. As mentioned above, making sure everything is centered is key. The next thing is, making sure everything is balanced. I alway balance the prop first, then mount the prop only, and spin up the motor to check for vibration. Of course, it is important to do this in a safe manner. I then repeat the process with the prop and back-plate only. This way, I can determine if the back-plate is the cause of the vibration. Once I get this combo running smoothly, I add the spinner and repeat the process. I have found that tightening the screws evenly helps a lot to prevent wobbling. At times, adjusting the tightness of the screw may fix the problem. This may require several attempts, so be patient.