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Is this an OK setup for the GT2215 on Baby Blender


New member
New to Flite Test DIY airplanes, so I have a rookie question. The build videos are good, but I did not see much detail on installing the different motors. I have installed a 2205 OK for a Mini Corsair Power Pod, but the GT2215 motor for the Baby Blender came with a variety parts and pieces. In the attached photo, is this OK for the motor power pod set up? I figured out the mount must go on the side with the wires since it does not spin, the mount screwed to the firewall, then I changed the flange on the other end of the motor housing to have a threaded shaft for the prop. There was a tapered adapter for the existing shaft with a big threaded spinner, I put the big spinner on the new flange for the prop. The prop seems secure, the motor spins freely and the wires are routed into the Power Pod back to the ESC. Thank you for any advice.



Active member
Looks right to me. Verify rotation and keep your face and body out of the plane of rotation when you spin it up. When you are looking from the motor side of the pod, it should spin CCW.