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Issue with Hyperion 550mAh

I just got the Hyperion 550mAh battery as part of the gremlin kit from flitetest. I am fairly experienced building quads and check for continuity, due diligence etc. I charged the battery, plugged it into the quad for the first time, and got no response from the escs. Upon unplugging the battery I noticed it had severely puffed and checked its voltage with a multi meter. I get no voltage out of it on the main battery leads. Additionally, on the balance connector one of the cells gives 4 volts while the other gives no value. When I plug the battery into my charger now, (turnigy accucell 6) it almost immediately gives an error for "ext. temp too high". I've since gone over the gremlin and double checked for shorts and I can't find an issue, the femto FC/pdb still works on my pc connecting to betaflight too.

So my question is to people with more experience with battery failures, is this just a faulty cell or battery?


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Did you possibly reverse the polarity on your main power wire to the FC / PDB? That would pretty much insta puff a battery if it didn't just burn out the electronics completely ?

If there was a short on the battery it would have never charged or at the very least your charger would have let you know something was wrong.
So good news. I ran to my local shop to pick up some cheap eachine 2s packs that I wouldn't mind sacrificing to experimentation. I went over the quad several times throughout the day and couldn't find anything wrong so finally I gingerly tried one of the eachine packs. The gremlin started up normally and is now flying. I changed nothing on the quad except that when I initially had the problem only 2/4 motors were soldered to the escs. So the best i can guess is that either there was an issue with the battery cell, or that by leaving some of he escs without a motor attached and trying to power on I created an issue.
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Wake up! Time to fly!
Cool glad ya got it sorted. Welcome to the world of the flying. Remember we require pics n vids to power the whole of the community. :D