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Solved Issues connecting ESC's to BLHeliSuite for FT Gremlin

I'm wonder if anyone can help me. I got a FT Gremlin for Christmas and I have finished all the soldering however I can't get it to connect to BLHeliSuite to reverse the motors direction. I can control each individual motor on BetaFlight and I have control of the motors with my radio. I have gone through my soldering and can't see anything obvious that I have done wrong. I am using a PPM receiver and when I try and connect to BLHelisuite I have the battery plugged in and I'm fairly sure I'm using the right port but I get the same error code. I might be missing something very obvious but at the moment I'm lost Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


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Looks to me like you're running blhelisuite for blheli32 esc's which are different from blheli_s escs, and requires the regular blhelisuite. Easy enough mistake. Just dl the correct version, if your escs are the blheli_s type.