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It was one of them days...

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
I got a sweet deal on a Hangar 9 B25--RTF for $400 (divorce forces sale). I sold the Nitro motors and put in Turnigys. I have flown Turnigy motors since HobbyKing was HobbyCity and love them, swear by them in fact. On my 6th flight a magnet cut loose and she crashed. Both batteries ejected and caught fire. Most of the airframe was destroyed. All the servos, 1 motor and the Robart retracts survived. By them time it was all said and done I made $10 on the mechanics and was out $130 for the batteries.
HobbyKing returned the broke motor and gave me store credit--very nice and much appreciated!!

Moral of the story---you must remember, all of the motors, esc, ect. are made in China. Some just have different labels on them. This was the worst case of what can happened and it's easy to blame a manufacture, DON'T. HobbyKing came through on their end and while I'm out a plane it could have easily happened with another brand name motor.


Flying Derp
That was nice of them. I've only used motors from HK and I've never had a problem. Pretty good stuff although as soon as they're back in stock, I'm going to switch over to the Tacon Bigfoot motors from HobbyPartz...same spec as the Turnigy Easymatch or the Eflite power motors but less cost and items are in the USA.