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It's about time I start my build thread, SU-47 from JPEG to DTFB, what did I get into


I'm a care bear...Really?
Well since I started on here I wanted to really build a plane I designed. Since watching Jason's vids on Sketchup I have tried a few aircraft designs but none really peaked my interest to build. After the FT-22 and FT- Viggen were released I really started to look for an aircraft I wanted to build. I looked up on Google for unique aircraft..... And then I found it..... The SU-47! Now I have seen others have done this aircraft before and Banana Hobby sells a huge version of it(never in stock) but I wanted to see if I could build one from a JPEG drawing to a flying DTFB plane. The thing that I hope that will set this apart from others is the options for power systems. While designing the aircraft I came up with a way to make a new style of power pod that will be used for pusher planes. And I also have an EDF Pod I plan to release. With that being said I am hoping to have these two options work on the 47 as well as a permanently mount the motors to the aircraft. So I guess I should show the progress I have so far..........

su-47.jpg SU-47 Body-tail.png su47 wing.png


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Looks good, but I really recommend scaling up the V-stabs about 20%.
Neither of mine had much yaw stability with scale stabs.

Other than that it looks great!


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Did you take photos of your computer screen? I think if you hit "control":"print screen" it will save a snapshot of the screen into the clipboard. Then you can paste it into paint. I use ScreenHunter 6.0; You can download it for free at www.download.com Just search "screenhunter" and get the free version. It's a very useful piece of software. I use it all the time and is much faster than the other route.

Anyways, the design looks great. I really like that it's an EDF instead of prop and slot.


I'm a care bear...Really?
It was just easier to do the cell phone thing. One of these days the laptop is going to quit working so I try to do things the easiest way possible