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Solved It's fine now. You can move on to another thread.

Ok, so I am looking for an RX and a transmitter that are compatible with the Power Pack C, and are easy to get, and at a low cost. But they also need to work well. I am building a 33" inch wingspan Spitfire, and I am using the Power Pack C to fly it. But I require only a transmitter and the RX to finish all the required materials. I need to know what are the best options for my predicament. (P.S. It is almost my birthday, and these are on my wishlist)


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The power pack or any motor combo for fixed wing is not specific to any fixed wing controller or receiver. If you are new pilot then you could go with some entry level stuff, but if you plan to stick with it then going with something that is easy to program and will grow with you will do just fine. You could go with a Spektrum DX6 and the receiver that goes with it. OrangeRX makes a reasonably affordable option at around $100 for the same options of the Spektrum gear. Welcome to the forums BTW


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One more thing. I have seen different threads you posted related to your modified Spitfire. Don’t want to rain on your parade but I think you have to resolve some issues before even considering buying new equipment. If you live close to me I will be happy to let you fly my planes for you to get a feel of this hobby. Many things have to come together to result a successful experience. Spitfire is not a plane for beginner or your first scratch build. I have seen my friends’ kids sunk $200+ on the “coolest” EDF or warbirds, put them together in a rush with wrong materials or components, launched and crashed in 5 seconds and then never touched RC plane again, I actually have two whole sets of Almost-Ready-to-Fly kits, including 8ch Tx, Rx, battery, charger laying in my basement that were abandoned by my neighbor’s kid. I have no meant to critic your works, just suggest you to combined your threads into one build thread, posting as many pictures as you can, showing the placements of electronics, control horns/linkage, your thrust angle and CG etc., so others can give you some tips. Please be open minded to constructive criticis.
Good luck!
Okay, TDL, I am amazed that you are this. Eager to help me as a beginner flyer. What you said concerning that a spitfire isn't the best thing for a first build, and I understand what you are saying. It has been somewhat a challenge putting it together, but it is definitely one of my top 3 favorite planes. I have no trouble with my materials, because for this build, I simply used some of the non-used cardboard around the house. I can always go to the store and buy foamboard, it wouldn't be an issue. If you need to see some dimensions, locations of components, CG, and other things, I will make an entirely new thread just for that sole purpose. Once again thanks for your help, and I will definitely look at buying either of those TX-RX's you mentioned.