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It's going to be up to you November 12th through the 18th


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I'll be out of town, so you guys will have the reigns while I'm away. I might have intermittent internet access, but I'll be in an intensive training course that will tie up the majority of my time for that week.

Just a heads up, Chad had an idea about a section of the forum for Shameless Self Promotion. Basically a section for Spam. I'll go out on a limb and say that clothing and drug spam can still be nixed, but RC or Aviation related postings made there can stay there untouched, and "spam" in other sections can be moved to the appropriate of the two forums in that section.

I have one for Sponsors, such as if there was a HobbyKing rep, or a Horizon Hobby rep posting about their companies, they would go in this section.

Then I have the "free loaders" or Merchant's section. This is where the guys who want to talk about the webpage they set up can post to their heart's content (within reason. If they create ten threads about the same thing, you're welcome to prune them.) without being seen as spam. Likewise if a product distributer wanted to tell everyone about their particular hot seller.

Ok I think that's about it for this pseudo update.

Watch out for propellers without airplanes...


Hostage Taker of Quads
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Dang Jim.

Quite a necro post. Even caught FM talking about Chad!

As far as "pruning" . . . if someone starts aggressively spamming but on topic, short of ignoring them, you have two options:

- Delete posts or threads.
- Merge threads.

Delete, I think you've got covered.

Merge is an option under the administrative tools. before you select it you need to copy the link to the second thread into your clipboard, then go to the first and tell it to merge. next page will ask for the second link. paste and OK. set the destinations, and OK, then sign in . . . . and it will combine them, interleaving the posts in the new thread according to the timestamp.

As far as the "mass-move/mass-prune" option in the administrative tools in the section view . . . first time I've seen it. looks handy and all -- delete/move by search criteria -- but I'd be nervous I'd either cat the net too wide or too narrow and not hit the targets. In most cases "Delete as spam" works like a charm . . . but if we do get a spammer in who registers multiple unique IDs and one post each, that might be handy.


Got Lobstah?
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I thought the necropost would catch someone's eye. It fits with my weird sense of humor.

Anyway, I've merged some and deleted plenty but never "pruned" and wasn't sure what the real difference was or when it might be employed. If it's not known by you Dan it probably isn't worth knowing. Thanks. Maybe ther'll be another beta time for the new system and I can throw out a "net" (your metaphor) and see what happens.