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It's my airspace!

This may be a unique situation.. I live Just over six miles from a small, yet busy, private airstrip. I have a radio scanner, which doesn't really help because the pilots rarely announce their arrival, and a rarely used altitude alarm ( a cheapo that cuts throttle above a pre-set altitude) I try to stay in my airspace, and I am usually successful.

But.. The pilots don't stay out of mine. Just twenty minutes ago I was buzzed by a military helicopter flying fast and low maybe 150-300 feet altitude. Wednesday, a twin engine Cessna decided to put on an airshow above my field. It was extremely cool to see a plane like that rolling and banking. Smaller planes have even done touch and goes in my field! This happens constantly, and I really enjoy the performance. I have NO complaints.

Now, I believe in freedom and self control but I can't help but worry abut the one dinger that wants trouble. I am planning on investing in some type of a flight recorder, just in case something was to happen.

What to do..