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Jet FT Plane

Hello everyone,
I am going to make a jet engine to put in to a plane and I wanted to use a FT plane, but I'm not sure which plane to use. I would like it to be able to go as fast as possible. The jet engine will have a 128mm/5" internal diameter and a 135mm/5.3" external diameter. What would be the best plane. Anything will help, thanks.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Not to discourage you but foam and heat don't go together very well. you will have to figure out a way to protect the foam. As for the plane I would use the Viggen. Its the only one designed after a jet to begin with.
If I were to choose a plane that wasn't a Viggen. What plane would it be and if any modifications could be done like sweeping back the wing what would you do, because I have some ideas like sweeping back the wings on the Bronco so it would be a bit like a Vampire, but any ideas would be appreciated.