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Joe Nall 2013 (RECAP)


I'm a care bear...Really?
Looks MAGICAL!!!!!!!! But seriously that looks to be so much fun! Next time you guys go to a big even can we do a contest for people to come along and "be part of" the flite test crew????? I think having a forum member with you that could explain thing from that perspective would be beneficial for the new pilot coming over to talk to you.


Propaganda machine
That was a very good rundown on the event. I wish there was something similar here in Australia.

Just out of curiosity, did the Hobbyking guys come and talk to you?
Hi guys! Great recap! so great that you inspired me to go to this year's Joe Nall. :D
It will be a long drive but after seeing you're video, I think it will be really worth it. It would be great to meet the flite test crew. Any chance you can post when are you coming to Joe Nall?
Anybody here have plans on going?