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JR Indoor Electric Festival - Montage


Staff member

We had the chance to attend the 9th Annual JR Indoor Electric Festival. The indoor event was held at the Four Seasons Golf Dome in Columbus, Ohio! We had a chance to fly some planes, meet some fellow RC pilots and talk with some vendors.

It was a fun time! Stay tuned for more segments from this event!

jr indoor 10.jpg jr indoor 6.jpg jr indoor 12.jpg jr indoor 4.jpg jr indoor 15.jpg jr indoor 3.jpg jr indoor 2.jpg jr indoor 14.jpg jr indoor 9.jpg jr indoor 5.jpg jr indoor 7.jpg jr indoor 11.jpg jr indoor 13.jpg
The only question is whether that was my Nieuport or the one Josh B's son was flying...I was shown up by a kid that only comes up to my waist...lol.