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Jumper 12 T wondering where the software is going.


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Does any one who or is thinking about buying the Jumper that as of yet Open Transmitter is not supporting the software or any updating of it. The only forks or updates has to be done by jumper hiring there own programmers as the folks at OTX are not supporting the Jumper so any advertising saying it is using Open Transmitter is not true, if you really want to read about it here you go. The only reason I ran across this I was curious about the Jumper T12 and started to do some research into it.



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I was trying to help someone with a new jumper T16 and there are variations between that and the OTX everyone else is used to. I think Jumper wants to keep theirs on their flagship radios. For those who do not like it you can still flash full on OTX on them. I would say the choice would be what camp you wish to work in and how that effects potential aide from other OTX users. The differences are not too bad to over come. It will be like anything else once you learn it its all good. Jumper is powerful enough to do what anyone will need like original OTX and I imagine as the need arises they will update it.

Just be aware there seems to be issues about models and settings disappearing randomly. It is not yet confirmed to be a hardware or software issue specifically as there have been resolutions to issues for both. It also seems companion does not play well with Jumper so I would suggest physical copies of sd cards be regularly done in file manager as well as companion just to be on the safe side if you have or get one.


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There is now official support from OpenTX for Jumper. My T12 has OpenTX 2.2.5 on it and has been fine. The T16 I don’t know about, but the T12 is also on the list for 2.3.


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my T16 has Jumpers 2.3.2 on it and seems happy with the companion set to Horus - I have had a niggle with a 'stuck key' warning but reformatting the SD card sorted it - I think it was user (my) error in hindsight - I heard a whisper that companion will update to include Jumper soon.