Jumper t12 with Redcon cm703 reciever


Just got this CM703 receiver in the mail. I can get it to bind easily. What I'm having issues with is the channel order. I put the transmitter to TAER which is DSM2 output along with mode 2. Currently when I move my throttle(left hand) my ailerons move, left hand rudder is correct, move right elevator stick and its spins my motor, move right stick for ailerons and elevator moves. So it seems its set to ETAR. From what Ive read online the CM703 should be TAER. Now I know how I could make it work by switching leads or changing my output channels but it feels like im missing something and would like to have it set up correctly. Any ideas I could try. Ill keep at it.


Got it to work but not the way i feel is right. Had to change the channel order to AETR. I thought DSM2 was TAER. Oh well Ill make it work.


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The open source mutiprotocol firmware which Jumper almost certainly uses, reorders the channels according to the protocol so the radio models can have the same order. AETR is a probably what Jumper assumes you will use and given that, for DSM2/DSMX the multimodule will put out TAER on the receiver.

If you set the TX model to use TAER then the RX will put out some scrambled order...


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That’s the beauty of PWM, just plug the servos into the channel you need.