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June 2020 Top Gun Maverick!


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I personally didn’t know Tom Cruise was a real pilot.
Quite a few celebrities and stars are. Best one I know of is lead singer of Iron Maiden. He's a 747 qualified pilot, runs and maintains his own 747 too. Used it for relief effort a few times to get people home from disasters.
They are just as fascinated as us with aviation, but they have the means to play with proper 'full scale aircraft'🤣. No EDF's or Lipo's for these guys.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Just that video alone with REAL flight footage was awesome. Inverted low pass between snow covered peaks. Doesn't get any better for me unless it was me ripping fpv up there. The only thing maybe better was watching Tom Cruise in the last clip straining to keep his inerds inside himself. Those faces say it all hehe