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Just bought an Amazon warehouse tinyhawk rtf and the left switch is broken off, need some info please

Title says most of it, everything else looks fine but idk what to do about the switch.

I'm confused because I'm the switch itself it says "on" see which I am assuming is for common and then "on" on the other side but when I stick something in the broken off hole and move it around I can't get continuity between any of the three poles.,

I found in my junk bin a normal on of switch like you would see on tons of stuff, would this work or does that switch need 3 positions? Why would nothing seem to be connected in any of the positions... Maybe because it is just busted so bad..

Any advice?


Ryan O.

Elite member
Since the radio is already opened, the warranty is likely void, so I would look at the Flite Test video on DIY transmitter repair.
I can return it for 90 days becuase it was Amazon warehouse, plus I have no idea how they could be certain it was opened unless they had like an sticker or something, I already ordered a replacement, i guess I can't complain, I did get 40 bucks off. I did contact the seller who I assumed gave it the "like new" rating, it didnt break in shipping, not in that card case full of foam, so he's going to need to do something or he's getting a shitty review, seems like he doesn't have the greatest rating, if he keeps selling people non functional stuff, I'd say that isn't the best business plan, especially when you sell it on Amazon and they will let you return nearly Anything for any reason, like "bought it by mistake" or "dont
Need it anymore"

Also isn't one of those 2 year amazon replacement insurance a good idea for this? I think it is 12 or 14 bucks....

Im curious how bad they fight to pay those out, they let you return so easy, I often buy 2-3 types of headphones or keyboards or whatever, and just return the ones I don't like. I guess if you order a ton of stuff they don't care if you return lots too, if I was an ass I could fly this for almost 3 months, and return it. But I'm not that that much of a ass