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Hey! Flite Test is a fantastic resource! I am going through the beginner videos on Youtube and getting ready to buy a simulator and my first RC trainer plane.

Any advice on what / where to buy for the simulator? RF9 looks to be the most popular and best features. Buy it here?

I'm considering the Mini Apprentice S or the Carbon Cub S as my first plane. Comments and suggestions welcome. I want a "ready to fly", everything in the box.

Appreciate the help!

Jim in Hanover, PA

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Welcome to the forums Jim! RealFlight 9 is a great option. Both the carbon cub and apprentice are excellent places to start. You might also consider the AeroScout S as well. With the prop in the back you won’t break it whereas with a tractor style plane like the cub and apprentice, depending on how much you crash, the propeller costs add up. Good luck!


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Welcome to the forums.
A flight simulator is a great way to learn the basics. As good as simulators are, there is just no substitute for first hand experience. A flight simulator will save you crashing many planes and will make you journey much easier. If you can, I’d recommend an experienced flyer help with your first several flights.