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Just getting started!!


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Hey we all gotta start somewhere...at least you got a decent manual with yours. My first transmitter getting back into RC was a Dynam 2.4Ghz that looks like your Futaba. The manual I had was a general manual for the plane, lipo charger/battery, and transmitter written in a poor translation of Chinese to English. I found out functions to my transmitter that I didn't even know about by searching youtube b/c the manual didn't show them.

But anyways, doesn't look like you have dual rates there as an option for your transmitter.

Using this example here:


Innermost servo arm hole and outermost control horn hole gives you the smallest travel. I think you should be able to adjust the tension of your controller sticks too which may help you in terms of overcontrolling. Not sure about your money situation, but I would bet you can get a decent computerized transmitter for not very much money.
Thanks!! Got 2 of these controlled with trainer cord for 20$. On eBay used. Lol. I have since ordered a fly sky fs-i6 that can do rate and expo adjustments. Thanks for the article it confirmed what I thought about where to connect linkage to servo. 🤙


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You are correct, that's the old school way to asjust rates.

For max throw, inner most hole on control horn, outter most hole on servo arm. This also is the least leverage for the servo so if you have a very large control surface and small servo it can cause problems sometimes.

For min throw do the first hole in servo and outter hole in horn. Just be careful, this may not give enough control authority on some models, especially elevator...


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You want to put the rod nearest the servo and furthest from the control surface on the servo horn to lower the throw.
A more modern TX with dual rates and expo can be had for less than $50, well worth it IMO.