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just looking for advice for many things

Hello everybody, i'm new to all of this so please excuse me if i say something very stupid.
Let me introduce myself, I'm Vasiliy a 13 year old boy (yes i know i'm a kid) and i want to get in to that RC hobby plane flight thing.
i flew some RC planes when i was 5 years old but they all crashed.
now that i have some experience with other RC things like helicopters and Quadcopters i want to get in to Planes.
I'm planning on building something myself like a scratch build or something from Flite Test.
I live in the Netherlands and we don't have many people who are into RC here so it's kinda hard to find something that is DIY here, and searching for foamboard and electronic stuff is really hard.
But i found one guy that was selling 3 kinds of airplanes kits from Flite Test, the Explorer (without the wings), the Mighty Mini Corsair (Out of stock) and the Mighty Mini Mustang (1 left in stock)
so i decided to buy the mustang, but the problem is it doesn't comes with all the electronic parts.
I asked my father to buy me all the stuff i needed from hobbyking but he saw that people reviewed it as a bad website and because when he searched for where they ship from he saw that their headquarters were in Hong-Kong and he thought they ship from there.
and i also need a affordable transmitter (price must be below 100€) and a good battery charger (below 120€).
also i need a kit for the mini power-pod
so my questions are:
- Where can i find a good website for RC plane parts from the EU or how do i convince my dad to buy from hobbyking
- Where do i find a good low-budget transmitter
- Where can i find a affordable battery charger for a LiPo
- Where can i find a firewall for the powerpod

Well that was everything, hope you have a good day!
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Welcome to the forum, Vasiliy!

Hobbyking does have a European warehouse. You just have to specify that is where you want to order from. You will see a list of warehouses near the top of the page of any product that is sold from more than one location. You can buy Flite Test power packs and speed build kits from Graupner in Europe. https://www.graupner.com/Models/Flite-Test/?p=1

There are many options for low budget transmitters. If I were looking to buy a transmitter today, I would most likely purchase the Taranis QX-7. It is a really good value for the money. Hobbyking sells the Turnigy 9x and TGY-I6 and both are decent. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/radios-receivers-1/turnigy/complete-systems.html Hobbyking also sells the Orange RX, which is Spektrum compatible. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/oranger...-10-model-memory-and-3-pos-switch-mode-2.html If you do buy from Hobbyking, make sure you are ordering everything from the same warehouse or make separate orders if you can't buy each item from the same warehouse.

Hobbyking sells several low cost battery chargers. This one has good reviews. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-p405-dual-input-ac-dc-45w-digital-balancing-charger.html

You can buy the firewalls and powerpacks from Graupner in Europe. https://www.graupner.com/Models/Flite-Test/Other-Models-

Good luck and if you have more questions, post them here!