Just Ordered the FT 22 - "First" "Scratch Build"


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Hi everyone,

I am 25 years old and have been trying to get into RC Planes since I was a kid. I bought and assembled an RTF gas powered trainer when I was about 13, it was never actually ever flown because our flying field was pretty far away and never could get the courage to go try and fly it/ convince my parents to make the trek.

When I was in high school I purchased everything to build a little electric balsa park flyer. This one I built to about 70% but never got to the point of putting the cellophane covering on the plane. So this one also hasn't flown yet either. Both planes are on the east coast at my parents place.

About a year ago I realized foam RTF electric planes were at a fairly reasonable price point and decided to pick up horizon hobby's Ultra Micro P51 Mustang. This was the classic case of a shiny airplane bought by someone who was not ready to fly a warbird. I saw flite tests YouTube video on the warbird park flyers though and it looked so easy!!

After having two unsuccessful maiden flights and doing a little more research as to how to approach the hobby I picked up a HobbyZone Duet at my local shop. I was able to hone my flying skills on the simple 3 channel which made the jump back to the (now repaired) P51 Mustang much better. I am pretty comfortable flying the little p51 but now want to move to something a little bigger since still air days are tough to come by at the base of the rocky mountains.

So this year I decided it was time to pick up a new plane and what better way to do it than to support Flite Test who have offered many many hours of entertainment to me on You Tube. I wanted a gateway into cheaper airframes and figured this was the best way to do it.

I purchased a DX6 Transmitter earlier this year in preparation and since I needed all the electric components anyway, I just went ahead and got the speed built FT 22 kit from the FT store. It should arrive on Wednesday and I am excited to get it put together and give it a try in the air.

Just wanted to come in here introduce myself and say hi. Sorry for the long introduction. I look forward to chatting more in the future!


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Congratulations on pursuing your childhood dream. May I make a suggestion when flying the FT22? It doesn't hurt to have crazy throws and you can fly it quite nose heavy. I flew mine super nose heavy but still flew great at faster speeds.