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Just showing off one of my FT builds

That is a negative, I am by myself with a phone typically.
Also I get super pumped up about flying, and totally space out any record of my flite.
What i can say, it this plane has 9 take off. And 8 great landings, with 1 oops that required new holes for the motor mount. Typically they start pretty like this pic and end up mangled.



Elite member
You can reinforce the holes for the powerpod with card or plastic discs. @mayan has some good pictures of that.
It will stop them getting mashed as quickly.


Legendary member
If you put re-enforcing disks on the power pod put them on the inside otherwise you’ll have a hard time pushing it into the fuselage. Just my 2 cents.
Ohh and one last thing idea came from the FT Edge 540 build so credit to Andre Liu.