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Just started my scout build and have some questions...

Hey guys,

So, I've been watching and watching the build video, and didn't realize until I went to start my build that the firewall is different than what he is using. Mine doesn't sit flush...

Which way should I favor the excess?

Also, the power pack B came with this bushing for the motor. Is this something I don't need?

And one more question, where the leads come out of the motor are pretty stiff, is it ok to smoosh them down so the motor sits flush on the firewall?

Don't crucify me too bad, this is my first build ever lol



Legendary member
yes, i would use the x mount for the motor, you have the correct orientation for the firewall, and the wires used to go through the hole on the bottom which is no longer there. they must have changed the firewall plans. guess it just wraps up and over, or you can cut a small hole on the bottom and route them up into the pod.

good luck,

me :cool: