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Kadet Junior Night Flyer


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This build was based on plans by @Matthewdupreez. I made some modifications and used the original Sig plans as I built to create the "Kadet" I wanted. Construction is all dollar tree foam board with the paper removed. Finish is Semi-Gloss Polycrylic with vinyl graphics.

Final specs
Wingspan: 42" (plan reduced from 48")
RTF weight: 25 oz.

SunnySky 2212-980kv outrunner
Hobbyking 20A ESC
Master Airscrew 9x6 prop
9 gram servos (4)
Spektrum Ar6100E receiver

Mods I made include:
- Adding ailerons using the mod shown on the Sig Kadet "Mk. I" plan
- Reshaped the cheeks to blend better with spinner.
- Added a windshield and it's fairing into the wing
- Bolt on wing
- Magnetic battery hatch forward of windshield
- Permanent firewall in lieu of a power pod
- added landing gear
- "smooth" airfoil in place of the typical folded wing construction
- stiffened the tail feathers with basswood spars
- added LED's for night flying
Absolutely amazing what you've built here @FlyingTyger it looks absolutely beautiful


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I had a chance to try this little guy out in the dark. The light system works great and was more than bright enough.
My brother-in-law chased me with his Mavic and got some cool air-to-air video.