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Kinetic 800 motor problem, axle loose

So I tried to maiden my Kinetic today, I guess it wasn't perfectly balanced and it made a nose dive in to the ground. It seemed like there was no damage but as I tested the throttle I noticed the prop wasn't spinning properly.

At home I disassembled the motor and it seems that the axle (I hope axle is the right term) has come loose:
Foto 18.02.12 17 11 13.jpg

That's what it should look like:
Foto 18.02.12 17 11 41.jpg

What's the best way to fix this? Red loctite?

Thanks in advance


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Hi I had exactly the same thing happen to my kinetic the first time I flew it I flipped it and everything seemed fine only I soon discovered my axle had also come loose. I fixed using super-glue. I very quickly pushed it in and tapped it a few times. I didn't think it would hold. But 1 year later the motor and plane are still working fine. I love my kinetic 800.:D


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I agree that the quality of this motor and its shaft are not that great.
I've had this problem as well and also fixed it with CA.
But it came loose again .. and damaged the node of the Kinetic in flight.

Spare motors are USD 9,- and in stock.
I have two spares but lately fly with the RC timer replacement with a fixed 6x4 / 6x6 prop.

I guess you already read this one :

P.S. I am making an FPV version now. Must be GREAT !
Hey guys thanks for the replies,

I used loctite and it seems to hold, the next time (even if I hope there won't be one ;)) I'll try the super-glue method.

The problem here is that the axle absorbs the full impact of a nose dive, so I guess you'll have to glue it back in every time.

@Burg yes I've read your post, but I was looking for a quick fix, rather than order something new. I am looking forward to your first Kinetic FPV video, keep us posted :)