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Help! Kiss Fc and ESCs

I cannot get my motors to turn on my newly built drone. I have a kiss FC 1.03 flight controller and a flycolor 35a ESC. I have it all connected up to my controller and everything seems to be working except for the ESCs. I think the kiss GUI isn't recognizing the ESCs but I'm not sure how to fix it. Please help been struggling.


I figured out the problem. I had to sub trim so the minimum value of the throttle was 1000. before it was sitting at aroound 1200. Thanks for the help anyway.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Sounds like you are on specteum gear.. i have no idea why we are nearly a decade into multi rotors and they STILL limit the resolution on their radio so far below industry standards of 1000us to 2000us.

I would suggest you go bavk and start your set up process from the beginning. Set your end points for all channels to + or - 147%. That seems to be the magic number to allow for that full 1000us to 2000us.

It will be much easier, safer, and far more enjoyable to fly when using full resolution in the control ranges.