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Kiss FC to old for GUI?

hello i went to adjust my rates on my Alien and when i hit connect on the Kiss page it says Warning Kiss firmware version is older than GUI can handle. My FC says V1.03 stamped on it and i just bought it a month ago and it has always connected fine in the past and not had any problems with it, thanks for any advice


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Yes There has just been a new release that was forced upon users thru google. I saw mine update the other day. Hopefully the standalone version I have on my desk top was not tampered with as I have to redo my firmware as well.

I am sure if you look on app store you will still find an older version to use. I do not think that the devs would be that stupid and lock so many loyal owners out of their gear. Look for a stand alone version as that will not be subject to win 10 style cram thing down your throat tactics that seem to be getting more prevalent of late.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Ok mate. I just got done on the Kiss website. Good news is that all the stand alone gui's are still available in the download section as well as the new stuff. There are also all the pdf's for the electronics as well as for the new Lua scripts to help set up the Taranis with the new features for pid tuning thru the radio directly.

Here is the link to the downloads section. Hope this helps you out.

ok i got the stand alone version and i can connect now but i still cant update my firmware i have v1.03 Kiss FC and it is stamped on the fc but when it connects it says i have V1.01? i hold the bootloader and it does nothing. am i missing something more i need to download first? thanks