KK 2.0 Setup with FrSky D8R-II PLUS Reciever Issues NO SIGNAL help!


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I am trying to fly my quadcopter x525 using kk 2.0 and FrSky D8R-II PLUS and turnigy 9xr and FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz but when i go to receiver test mode ,there is no signal except aileron
and when i move right stick aileron value change only though i connected first channel (aileron) to the first slot, the second channel (elevator) to the second slot, the third channel (throttle) to the third slot , the fourth channel (rudder) to the fourth slot and the fifth channel (auxiliary) to the fifth slot but no signal :confused:
please see this following link
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
WP_20140510_001.jpg WP_20140510_005.jpg WP_20140510_008.jpg WP_20140510_009.jpg WP_20140510_010.jpg WP_20140510_011.jpg WP_20140510_012.jpg WP_20140510_014.jpg WP_20140510_014.jpg WP_20140510_015.jpg WP_20140510_016.jpg


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You shouldn't set curves until you have a working setup and can set them and be able to test them.
Before you do anything, reverse your black single leads as they need to be plugged into the signal pins on the KK2. You have them plugged into the outside pins and those pins are ground pins. Then, to make sure you have a working link, go to a new model and only test that bare setup to make sure you have a working link and the channels are connected to the proper inputs on the board.