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KK2.0 H-Quad (Josh and David's) intermittent esc position one failure

Built Flitetest's H-quad with the KK 2.0 board and been having problems with position one (front left) with what seems to be an intermittent esc failure. Running hardware includes Hobby King's DT700 outrunners with HK-HW30A esc's. Several times I have had the quad in a nice hover and then the left front motor will stop, crash:( I temporarily swapped the esc to position two and had the same results. I realize that position one supplies the kk board and I noticed that position one esc was warmer then the other three. I bought a new HW30A esc and have had the same failures:( Did and amp draw from the motor with slow flyer 11/4.7 prop and it reads 19 amps at full throttle.

My thoughts:
Could I have second faulty esc
Could I have missed a setting on the board?
The KK 2.0 Board is 3 months old, does it need to be flashed?

I would appreciate any suggestions from this forum which would help me find a solution to this problem.




Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I would suggest switching around everything related to the front left. . . motor, ESC, wiring, servo leads from Rx to FC, etc. THEN if it still has an issue with the front left you know it's in the FC or Rx.


Dedicated foam bender
I'm leaning towards a bad wire/bad connection on the motor unless everything else shut down. If it was ONLY the front left motor, that meant you still had power to the FC and Rx. The #1 ESC will be warmer than the rest(that's normal) but it shouldn't be too hot to touch. None of them should be too hot to touch comfortably...
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