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kk2.0 throttle question

Evening all

I've been flying my 450 quad and tricopter l.o.s for a while now and getting pretty confident with them.
But I seem to have poor throttle control.
On a calm day ( absolutely no wind) the quad and tri will lose height pretty quickly without alot of stick adjustments.
Today I bit the bullet and went fpv with the quad.
Again it was a calm afternoon. I sat the quad for 15mins in the field while I messed with the goggles and set the osd. Took a quick los flight while the misses checked the signal through the goggles and all was good. So I threw on the goggles and took off to about 2 metre's high.

Now this is where it all got a little twitchy. I couldnt control the hover. The quad either climbs rapidly or drops to the grass. Resulting in two broken props and a crushed antenna.

My setup is as follows:
Turnigy 9x with frsky module.
450 hk quad frame
4 x 850kv motors swinging 10x6 props
4 x 20amp redbrick esc's with flashed Simonk firmware
Kk2.0 1.6 firmware
My fpv equipment works perfectly and as expected.

When flying los I can control the hover without thinking about it. But im thinking I need to add expo to the throttle while fpv'in.
Or is this something I will learn to control the more I fly fpv? And are there any tips for learning to fly fpv?

Many thanks in advance


Senior Member
It's like riding a bike, you will crash badly to start off but if you just keep jumping back on you soon master it. Just keep at it mate and follow the golden rule "have fun"