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KK2 3. The motor is running stronger


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The fact that you're getting the same result after swapping the motor suggests a software calibration issue. I'm not too familiar with quad controllers, but some suggestions for troubleshooting. First, try switching the ESC between the arms. If the problem follows the ESC, then you've likely isolated the issue to that particular ESC.

Next, perhaps try recalibrating each ESC separately. Not sure if there is any other calibration done on the flight controller.
I calibrated one by one and all of them. 3 ESC is not the problem, only 1 of this problem is doing. Do you think there's a structural problem?


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There are several other ESC settings that can be programmed, such as Timing, Start Force, Curve Mode, Cutoff Mode, etc. Perhaps one of these settings is programmed differently on that particular ESC?


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I wouldn't say that's the only solution, but without knowing how exactly you've checked all the possible causes it's hard to say for sure whether there's actually something wrong with the ESC or if it's a setting issue.
All calibration settings are complete. I also connected a different engine to the ESC to see if the problem was ESC. However, all the motors connected to the esc, give the same response.


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If everything you plug into that esc dies it then assume it's the esc and swap that out.

Have you plugged into clean flight and checked you're getting full movement/power on that channel?

Is your radio set to plane mode?
Is the esc calibrated on it's own or are you doing them as a group?
Are your solder joints good?
Anything shorting out on carbon fibre?
Motor mount screws not hitting the internals?
Is that motor free to spin as much as the others or is it binding?

You have to test each component until you find it, if you plug other motors into that esc and it does the same then try a different esc.
If you try other motors and they work it's your motor.
If esc and motor changes don't alter it then test your wiring.
If the wiring is sound it's the fc.
Test/check the solder joints on the fc for shorts or breaks.
If the connections are ok on the fc then you need to plug it into clean flight and check everything is working correctly there.
Between the radio settings and clean flight setting you should be able to determine if it's software or not.

Amongst all that lies your problem.
The problems you mentioned are mostly absent. It may have been a little wrong for soldering for the first time. I'm going to try strengthening my solder a little more. No problem with engines, as I said, the same reaction is given when the engine changes. The problem is like the ESC. I will buy ESC as the latest solution, thanks for your reply.