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KK2 board throttle calibration starts programming ESCs instead?!

Hi, just want to share an issue I'm having, hope somebody knows how to solve it.
I was just calibrating my ESCs throttle to get them in sync on a quad powered by a KK2, but instead of the two beeps at full throttle and then one beep at idle, after the usual ''1+4 button, power up, wait for beep'' routine I hear the melody of my ESCs entering programming mode. Looking through the manual the mode is entered by powering up at full throttle - the same way! Can't get them to calibrate and sync up. Is it a stupid bug or is there a way to work around it?

Using Hobbyking 20A UBEC ESCs and Hobby

The quad flies fine it seems, but the motors are out of sync by quite a bit.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


Elite member
I think the 1 and 4 button push on the KK2 is just a pass through, i.e., it lets your transmitter speak directly to the ESC, bypassing the FC. So if you know how to calibrate the ESC if it was not connected to the KK2 then do that procedure while you have the 1 and 4 buttons pushed. I noticed that some of my more recent ESC purchases from HK do this (i.e. don't use the usual full throttle, power up, two beeps, low throttle to calibrate) and the manuals are, quite frankly, rubbish.