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KK2 Mini - Motors are not spinning


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Hi there,
i use a kk mini and Afro 20 Amp ESCs for my tricopter. I calibrated the esc manuallly over the reveiver but the motors are not spinning when i connect them to the kk2 board. The receiver test shows that every sinal comes in wright.
If i now pull the throttle up, the motors are not moving. The escs also piep in a regular period.
I have no idea what i have done wrong or why it is not working.
I have done every settings in the kk (like fine-trim, max points, motor layout..)

Standard value for throttle on the receiver test on the kk shows 1 and on full throttle 100 - like it should be.

Can anyone help me to get my tricopter working?

thank you
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Rogue Drone Pilot
You must arm the board before the motors can be enabled. Default arming sequence for the KK2 board is throttle down, rudder all the way to the right. Disarm is throttle down and rudder all the way to the left.