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KK2 profiles with S.Bus connection not working


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Hi, I am new in the block of flight controllers, therefore please, bear with me.
I have a KK2 V2.1.5, running OpenAero2. I had no problems with the system when using Rudder Mode. However, when I tried to use S.Bus, I had issues with the profile activation. I am using a three position switch, that shows in the receiver inputs as expected, -1280, 0, 1280. I had assigned the profile trigger to that channel, and also I tried Aux 2, making the due changes in the profile trigger. However, only Profile 1 and Profile 3 go active. When I have the switch in the middle position, it shows profile 1, even the receiver input screen shows me that channel as 0 (middle position). I use the same switch when I use the Mode Rudder. (Missed to say, when using the S.Bus, I select Mode S.Bus, and the suggested cable. (otherwise the KK2 screen would not show the receiver inputs). I really do not believe that there is a bug in the sw, but rather that I am missing something.
Will appreciate if anyone more experienced than me can give some guidance with this issue.


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I'm not familiar with kk2/openaero, but most flight controller software have range or threshold adjustments for configuring rc input channels to fc functions. For example, with APM, that I am familiar with, you can assign flight modes to anything from a 2 position through to a 6 position switch, but you need to define the ranges or thresholds for each mode by mapping the pwm values to each mode.