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kk2 tricopter spinning


Junior Member
I have built a simplecopter tricopter with kk2 ver 1.5 controller.
When I throttle up to attempt a hover it starts spinning in left or right.
I have mixer setting for yaw at -100 for a digital servo. I have played with settings with none helping.

Any suggestions appreciated.

I am on the field, no access to flashing software. Is there a way I can reverse the servo trough the menu?
Read the manual but most be missing it.

I flew with a Multiwwi before and know I just had to tick a switch ... but new to KK2.1
An fast response will be much appreciated as I am on the flying filed alone and don't get the tri to fly.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Dunno if this is fast enough (it luck of timing if someone can answer something quick), but reversing a servo on a kk2.1.x is done in the mixer menu.

go to the mixing page in the menu, then select the channel your Tricopter servo is connected to (usually channel 4 -- it'll be marked Servo at the bottom). reverse the sign of the yaw mix.

If you're using a clockwise prop on M1 and 3, and counter clockwise on M2, there's nothing else you'll need to change.
Thanks CraftyDan. That was a fast response :)
But I did figured out the procedure while reading through the manual in detail.

A bit strange though. On the multiWii this important topic is very clearly solved via a specific feature-box (revers yaw).
On the Kk, it is solved through diving into the menu's and changing some values., which is not so simple.
I find this strange as I find the KK MUCHO easier to get it flying then the multiwii through some buttons on the board.
I would find it very logic to find a "reverse yaw"- feature in the LOAD MOTOR LAYOUT-menu.