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Knuckle H Quad recommended electronics


Junior Member

I bought the Knuckle H-Quad a while ago but did not touch it since that time. I'm starting this project today but I don't find this FT product on the store anymore. The kit didn't come with these infos. I tried to find info on the net but did not find answers to my questions.

What are the recommended motors for this model? Which ones are the bests? (How many KVs, the size?)

What are the best ESCs for the recommended motors? (how many amps?, the make?)

What are the best props I should put on it?

3s or 4s?

I ordered my Naze 32 6 DOF for my Knuckle H-Quad. I'll put a mobius cam on it for FPV.

Anything I should know?

Thank you!


Some guy in the desert
What setup would depend heavily on how you want to fly it. It's a pretty flexible frame.

I run 2212 1400kv motors with 20amp blue series ESC's flashed with blheli (running damped light and oneshot) pushing 8" props and 2200mah 3S packs on mine. That gives me about 7-8 minutes of spirited flight and I can toss it around almost as easily as my 250 sized quads:

When I first built it I had blue wonder 1300kv motors (still 8" props) and 12a esc's. It flew but didn't have the power to fly as aggressively as I wanted. It did get longer flight times more like 9-11 minutes.

Last time I rebuilt my frame I actually sized it so it will just fit 10" props - but that would require swapping in lower KV motors which I don't actually have yet. That would give me a somewhat more stable setup with longer flight times - but not as acrobatic of a setup. Better for hauling around a gimbal getting cinematic type of shots.