Knuckle H-Quad


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The new Knuckle Hub Kit is the latest installment of Rotor Bone multirotor components designed specifically for creating unique body configuration.

Similar to the AnyCopter where components can be modified and assembled easily, but the Knuckle Hub kit also gives you the ability to build up and create a much wider variety of airframe configurations.

The multirotors build using the Knuckle Hubs use the standard FT 13370 Straight Motor Mount.

The Knuckle Hub offers room for holding things like the KK2 board and other FPV gear.

Knuckle H-Quad 370 Kit is available in our online store.

The Knuckle H-Quad uses the standard Straight Motor Mount-13-370

The "Blue Wonder" 2712-12 24G - Standard available from

Josh used the Knuckle components to make a T-Copter! The Hub Kit also works with David's camera mount available here!

The H-Quads that we created were all painted matte black.

The small multirotors are designed to be full flying multirotors that you can learn on customize crash and rebuild.

The Knuckle Hub Kits are available in our online store, but for those of you who would like to make your own,
here are the free PDF templates. Download here.

Thanks for all of your support!


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Yeah! I was right when FT asked on FB: "What's Chad working on?"

My answer "Ah, I see an "H-bones" kit coming !!!!!", Ok, so got the name wrong :-(

Great concept: Just "Knuckles and wood" and your frame is done!
You can get an H or a T, same kit, different config.
So H-bones would not have covered all possibilities :)
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Fluorescent orange, that's what I'm painting my next multi!

I only found my last crash, thanks to the black box footage I was able to capture on my dvr.


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Earthsciteach and flyingmonkey. I want to get into multirotor fpv. What do you guys think would be better to haul a gopro 3 and 900mhz fpv setup around, this as a quad with the blue wonders, or the batbone tricopter, or david's original tricopter. Im leaning towards david's tri because the extra surface area seems like it would make for a more stable flight. I did want to ask you two before I made any decisions due to your superior knowlege. Thanks for all that you two do to make the ft forum an even better place to be.


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I haven't seen that may FPV'ers flying at one time before! Great video! Hopefully some day I'll be part of a crowd like that.


If the blue wonder is the same as hobbykings 24gram motor , you have a choice between a 1300 ,1500 ,1700 and 3000 kv motor.I'm leaning towards the 1300kv motor,but I could be wrong.


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If the blue wonder is the same as hobbykings 24gram motor , you have a choice between a 1300 ,1500 ,1700 and 3000 kv motor.I'm leaning towards the 1300kv motor,but I could be wrong.

Oh ya. Sorry I forgot about that. I use the 1300kv version with 8x4 props with no issues. I would use those.


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Do you flash your escs with Simon k software or use regular non upgraded escs? A lot of people say they see a big difference but I don't know if it is worth buying them or doing it myself!

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what motors should if I use if I want to run 5 or 6 inch props.. I want to keep it small.. yet strong enough to carry a key chain camera/ fpv


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Turnigy SK3 3100KV motors swinging a 6x3 prop with a ~1200mAh 2S battery would do the trick, if you can keep your all up weight around 400 grams before the camera and video transmitter.

I've been mulling over the idea of a 10"W x 8"L (motor to motor) H-quad using Turnigy SK3 1275KV motors swinging 7x4" three blade props with a 1,800mAh 3S battery. Should allow about 600 grams of all up weight before a camera and video transmitter. Carbon fiber booms and creative frame construction might be in the future for that though.


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does this multicopter have any vibrations because i would use some foam at the beginning of the booms

They discussed vibration in the build video. Wouldn't it be better to isolate the controller and camera instead of the motors?


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wait go pros are really heavy right how could this mutirotor take that much wait because
its bigger then most mulitirotors .