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Kraken Build


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I am building the Kraken, I have sized up the FT Versa Wing to 180% instead of a hundred. I need tips for assembly and (if possible) someone to tell me how many foam boards to buy.

Tips that I need:
All the holes like for the servos need to be changed to, what?

The foam spar? Does it need more strength?

Power system, I am building this because I have a broken Spectra Sailplane, I am taking the Goldfire motor out of and the other electronics and putting them in this wing, the Kraken. So I need tips on making it a single motor instead of two.

Any other suggestions/tips are appreciated.


P.S. If Josh Bixler or David happens to read this please help me, mostly cause I want to know your forum name.
Awesome project! Please post some pictures of the build when you get started.

The Versa wing is very strong in normal size so I don't think the spar needs any extra reinforcements but I would perhaps add some extra reinforcement to the wing joint where the wing halfs meet. The FT Spitfire's wing spar extends into the other wing half on each side so I would design a similar thing for a big Versa wing to increase the strength of the bond between the two halfs.

Good luck with your project!


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If I recall correctly, Josh Bixler wondered what he could make with 10 sheets, and the Kraken was the result.

I don't know much about many power systems, but if its the power plant from the "ElectriFly" using a 6 cell battery, I'm guessing you'll be ok.


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I thought Josh Bixler said it was 8... or 9 sheets. But better to have too many than not enough.

The Kraken can handle pulling a lot of extra weight, using something to strength the spar would only help and not really hurt. Even if it isn't necessary. You don't want a giant kite, so the any extra weight might actually be good.

I don't know about your power system. Knowing how much thrust it has and knowing how heavy the Kraken is would be helpful information. You could probably ask Chad in the Ask Chad thread. He's usually pretty good about trying to answer short questions like that.


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We've been waiting for these plans for over a month now...if you watch the videos he said he used 9 sheets of foam board, he also used two power pods with two DT750 motors and landing gear. Looks like he put some down angle on his power pod placement as well. He ended up using only two servos for those big elevons and was able to power it with possibly 1 battery, but I'm not sure. I'd watch the NEAT fair video to try and look at it closer as it made it's first appearance there


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I will need more foam board then. I am still trying to sort out all the pieces of paper for the plans. I am our living room, but I don't know if that will be enough space... Barn perhaps?

I'll look into asking Chad, in the meantime:

I hadn't expected to need so many foam boards... Any suggestions for making all their joints nice and strong so the wing flies well but doesn't disintegrate?

I'll get some pictures, but I am not a good photographer so expect bad pictures.

I think I'll put a nice strong arrow for a spar at the wing joining.


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Still working on putting the plans together. I am not working on it night and day so this could take a while until I get the 10 foam boards. I'll get some pics when I start to cut.