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Landing gear for the FT Versa Wing


Junior Member
I plan to buy a kit for the FT Versa Wing and build the wing in the push configuration.

However, I would also like the wing to be able to take off from ground. So which landing gear I should use and how can I install the landing gear onto the wing?

Also, in the case of the Blunt Nose Versa Wing, do I install the landing gear on the mid section?


Ludicrous speed, GO!
well, if you're doing the pusher, taildragger is out. i have seen others do a tri gear setup. personally, i feel it doesn't need gear. it will add a lot of drag and reduce the speed. i will admit, it is a bit tricky to launch, but after a while you get used to it. my versa pusher doesn't have gear, and its fast and fun.


Junior Member
Okay..... so if I want to use landing gear, then I must adopt the tractor mode.

In this case, I will get the landing gear kit:


and a pair of 2.5" swappable wheels:


Am I correct?

How about the tail? Do I install wheels on the tail or do I just have a pair of wire skids?

Also are there videos on installing landing gear onto FT swappable kits? I want the FT Versa Wing to be able to take of by itself


Ludicrous speed, GO!
what i did for my taildragger one i made a looong time ago is put bbq skewers on the bottom of the fins so they extend out about 2-3 inches. acts as a pretty good tailskid landing gear setup looks ok. at the end of the swappable power pod build video there are instructions on how to make gear on the power pod