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Laser cut frames and camera gimble


Junior Member
So when i first got into copters, i saw i could but all sorts of frame, but to be honest, they were boring and more importantly it was not challenge or any fun to just build a out of box frame, so i decided i would laser cut my own frames.


Now i will point out, i sell these frames, but i can also design a custom frame for you, the frames sell for $30 each

a custom frame costs $35.

I can also custom make other things for you that use the laser cutter.

The frames can also be made form various color acrylic if you do not want plywood.

they cost $40 as acrylic is far more expensive,

Contact me Jared_reabow@hotmail.co.uk

Skype ox141jf@hotmail.co.uk



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Staff member
I really like this. It gives frame design a new perspective. We've become very accustomed to just building the minimum frame, that they've all started to look alike.

Looking forward to seeing more of your designs, and customer submitted ones too.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Two three blade props? What motors do you run, how do you make the calculations of what props to use?
Two ways to design something.
1. Carefully calculate and model it with math. (the slow way and the math may say it is not possible when in fact it is)
2. Just build it and fix what doesn't work. (the old way when inventors actually made discovery's)




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I used no maths but i did put in some serious hours designing
My method was create the first one to be very strong but look really good, cut it out and test it.

I would then take the design and modify the things that needed to be modified eg, i would remove structural support that was not needed to make it lighter