Laser for CNC router upgrade?


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I have a home made CNC router table. 16" by 44" I have been using it for the past 3 years to make and sell home decor signs, engravings, and carvings, along with other artworks like cutting out shapes/words/letters from mostly MDF but other hardwoods as well. I have used the CNC to make rockets and robots. But I want to cut foam board (for obvious reasons) I can cut the firewalls all day long with a tiny router bit. But The foam board presents an evolution I am wanting to take with my CNC. And that is a laser.

Anyone experianced laser cutters out there want to help me out? My research has led me to this product

I consider myself a very good at CNC routing but when it comes to lasers a few mysteries linger:
Is 1.7 watts enough power for foam board? What other material is it good for?
What is the feed-rate that you should use? How can you calculate this?
What other consideration do I need to be concerned with when designing or operating with a laser? (Minus the obvious safety concerns, don't worry those will be taken)



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1.5watts will likely not cut foam board. You need to be in the 40watt or higher range.

The drag knife from works well to cut foam on a CNC machine. I have cut over 100 sheets this way.


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Zeron thanks for the reply. I am also working on a drag knife solution specifically to satisfy my wife's fondant cutting requirements. Still need to figure out how to get the cam software to do a drag-knife tool path.

But I think a 40w laser would be a bit overkill from what I have read.