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I conjured this up in my head after watching FT on Youtube but before discovering the FT kits and better foam building techniques.

It flew up and straight fairly well. But it didn't turn well, and didn't land well. I need to come up with a redesign, a 1.2 metre span was probably optimistic for such a naive design and I'll go for something maybe half or 2/3 the size next and perhaps base the wings on FT plans. (Note to self: test fly the new design before undertaking a lot of work painting!)


Aireal Anarchist

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1.2 metre span was probably optimistic for such a naive design
creative approach, I dont think your wing span is an issue at all, I would increase the size of the elevons, make them the full length of each wing.

if it flies....continue to experiment with the prototype, extend your elevons give it another go to improve the handling characteristics

maybe a photo perspective but wings also look bent, my opinion is you now have proof of concept, I would rebuild with quality in mind and take care in the details to give it all the advantages to be a success as you can
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I'm wondering if CG (Center of Gravity) was your issue, we normally fight to get it far enough forward on a lot of planes, but with this particular design the motors, battery and that nose are all front of the CG with barely anything behind where I'd guess the CG should be (about 1/2 way between the tips of the outer wings and where they connect to the main fuselage). You might need to put the motors on the back, especially with that long nose. Of course moving two motors to the back might make you have to also put the battery inside of the head - it's always a process to get CG correct. I also agree with Aireal Anarchist that the elevons might need to be bigger.

Edit: I just looked at the picture again and realized that you could just move the battery back and leave the motors where they are to adjust CG. That's WAY easier than modifying the whole layout.