Last bird... 1980! Want Guinea Pig!

I am going to buy the FT Guinea Pig Kit. I have mod ideas I want to know if anyone else has tried yet. 1.) Fuselage rear side walls straight, not tucking in at tail. The bottom angles up, but don't tuck in the side walls. This will look more like the tail section of the C-130 Hercules, and make the Cargo Door wider at the top. 2.) Has anyone used 4-blade propellers on the Guinea? 3-blade? 3.) Has anyone expanded the fuselage like the British did to some of their C-130's? 4.) How about expanding the wings for Engine 3 and 4? I know the wing will require a full length wooden spar. Batteries, wiring changes? etc? You can also email me at tag subject line FTGP Mods.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Well first welcome to the mad house. The extended nose C-130 is a j model. US has them as well.

The fuse does come together at the end. All you would have to do is adjust where that happens and adjust the corresponding parts. As for the props... someone that knows them better will chime in. All I know is that when you try to use a 3 bladed prop you reduce the size by an inch.
Thanks Crash! And thanks for posting the "J" ACID Pic. Old military term, "Air Craft Identification Diagram". I'm horsing with the idea of "As Suggested On The Box", getting a transmitter I can hook up to my laptop, and installing "Phoenix" Simulator. Learn to fly where the only cost of crashing is... electricity!
Then in secret begin my first as produced FT Guinea Pig! And then with the second either based on a second kit and some scratch building, BEGIN THE EXPERIMENTS! Sorry, Halloween gets me in the mood for Mad Scientist characterizations!
And there is one thing I've rarely seen on all these wonderful birds... the RED PROPELLER CAUTION LINE! How are those little FPV pilots going to safely inspect the plane before takeoff if they don't know where not to stick hands, feet, or... heads?
PROPELLERS-Add a blade, reduce length by an inch, increase pitch by one. The C Pack uses 10 in. X 4.5 pitch 2-blade Propellers. So a 3-blade then should be a... 9 X 5.5 or 9 X 6. if that is true, then a 4-blade should be a 8 X 7? I think i'll stick with the 10 X 4.5's that come with the C-Pack and maybe pen paint the tips Yellow!
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