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Laws On Multirotors

I don't know if these is the right place to put this but I wanted to know if you are allowed to use multirotors in Hawaii. I'm going there for a few month, possibly moving there. I was looking and it didn't look like they were not allowed but I wanted to make sure.


Staff member
There seem to be a few RC clubs on Hawaii, so I don't think there is a law against RC flying. Perhaps you can Google one and contact the club directly, they should know.


Biplane Guy
Since it is part of the US (at least "officially" speaking) I'd think the same laws apply. Basically don't do anything stupid with a multirotor and don't spy on people if you are flying FPV. It's always a good idea to got in contact with somebody who knows for sure. I would contact another pilot in your area and make sure you are within the legal boundaries.


No laws in the US prohibit the flight of RC aircraft. Just use good judgement as stated above. Don't fly in a national park and make sure you check state and local park regs. Never fly over people or near an airport. I would NOT EVER fly anywhere in the proximity of Pearl Harbor. All it takes is good judgement and a respect of sensitive areas.
Don't worry I don't ever plan on doing something stupid with it and those who do drive me crazy. There are plenty of those people already to wreck it for the rest of us. I saw something from last winter about the HI senate trying to limit their use but I couldn't find anything that became of it. Are there any members on here from Hawaii to ask?


Some guy in the desert
I would say the biggest issue in Hawaii is staying away from protected parkland and out of the 5 mile zone around airports and military bases. Looking at the handy map here: https://www.mapbox.com/drone/no-fly/ A good portion of Oahu is covered by the airport/military rule. And I suspect a good portion of the rest may have restrictions due to park rules.

Most of Lanai is blocked by the airport (though according to my friend who lives the it sounds like enforcement of just about anything is pretty limited due to the low number of law enforcement officials on the island.)

Maui and the big island are fairly unrestricted...but again...I'd check the local rules as much of them is parkland that may have restrictions.