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Learning how to airbrush (FT Spitfire build)

While at work for a month at a time, I usually like to have some sort of "arts and crafts" project on the go (leatherwork, sewing furs, tying flies, etc.) This month I decided it was time for me to start to learn how to play with an airbrush. This decision stemmed directly from finding a foam board type at Staples; it seems a little thinner and a little more dense than the dollar store variety, so hopefully it all balances out in the end. I decided to build a Spitfire as it was one of the first FT models I had success with, and have always loved the lines of a Spitfire.

EL cheapo Gocheer airbrush set up off amazon...check.

Similarly cheap box of 14 colors of acrylic paint...check

Bottle of Windex...check

On with the build! 20190401_131058.jpg 20190402_134050.jpg 20190405_161110.jpg 20190404_223447.jpg 20190411_182353.jpg 20190411_182336.jpg 20190415_171331.jpg 20190416_201238.jpg 20190416_201405.jpg
So I did as much as possible with Gorilla glue, particularly aft of the CofG, to try and keep the weight down. Using hot glue only where necessary to hold things together while the CA glue dried.

The airbrushing was a learning experience. In future builds I will paint before hot glue and packing tape reinforcement of foam edges and the leading edge of the wing. Paint peels off packing tape and hot glue fairly easily...

The other major lesson was about how much to mix-down the paint with Windex. Too much and it is easy to get spots and webs that are tough to fix, too little and it doesn't flow well through the brush.

All painted and without electronics I weigh in at 320g. Given the suggested weight (without battery) is in the order of 750g+, I think I am on track for a reasonable weight. Anyone have feedback on this point (heavy/light)?

Thoroughly enjoyed the process and am looking forward to painting my future creations and continuing to learn how to play with my new toy (airbrush)

Now it is nearly time to go home, radios and electronics will have to wait another month for me to come back to work and pick up where I left off.


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Nice paint job for a new toy. Can’t wait to see more builds with beautiful paint jobs by you. Ohhh and please do share some video of it flying :).