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Legality issues with exploding plane?


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Me and my friends want to make a youtube channel, where we scratchbuild planes for really cheap, and destroy them in some manner (like shooting a bb gun at it) and then reuse the electronics and do it again. We recently figured out a way to set off a small firecracker electronically with a remote and want to put one in the wingtip and after a few minutes of flying set it off in mid air. We plan on doing this over our own private property and the firecracker is not very powerful (it hardly does anything to the foamboard). fireworks are legal in the state we are doing this in and I was wondering if there are any aviation laws against having it go off in mid air.
Thanks! Mike.


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This WILL shed a negative light on our hobby for the ignorant highly excitable masses. Personally I think it is a bad idea given the current political climate. Don't get me wrong, I blew up plenty of things as a kid BUT there was no YouTube to tell the world "Look at what I can do!".

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I agree with you that this may not be best for the hobby, we probably won't do it. Do you think it would be different if we were to light colored smoke or set the craft on fire? if we were to do either of these we would have a fire extinguisher on hand. ( I understand these all sound like terrible ideas, but there is a high demand for destruction of intricate objects on youtube and we are simply responding to it, also these would kinda be fun to film)


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I never fell into the whole "Jackass" mode of destruction and mayhem, whether it was to yourself, someone else, or just useless wanton destruction.

Besides, we crash unintentionally enough without destroying planes on purpose!

One other point: this type of thing has a bad habit of getting out of hand quickly as everyone tries to "one up" each other. I understand your desire to fill a niche with the destruction videos, but in this case, I think the harm will far outweigh the view count. Not to mention giving the "no drone" sheeple fodder for their case.

But legally, I doubt there are any issues. Still, probably not a great idea unless you do it as a prank video. I think a smoke bomb remotely lit in a plane the pilot flying is unaware of, would probably be pretty good and would play better than just destruction.
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I think it's great that you want to entertain, and for sure tastes differ. 95% of the youtube material annoys or angers at least someone, so don't mind those who don't like it because they won't watch it anyway.

Personally I might enjoy it, depending on the overall production value =). So don't be chicken, blow stuff up! Just don't start a brush fire, that's not cool (fire extinguishers are). Good luck.