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Legend of Korra Biplane Swapable

The logo shouldn't be that hard. Just cut it out with any image editor. Then print it onto a water decal.
Google Water Decal if you aren't sure what I'm talking about. They are quite common for model builders of all skill levels. Very easy to use and most office supply stores carry them. Or order online.
Good luck!
that is the Equalists logo, i'm may make a equalist biplane next.

but right now im trying to go for the future industries looks.

this is as good as i got with the logo

im using a game called APB:Reloaded. the logo making is very help-full but i can do a SS ingame. and i dont have the skills to use something like photoship to remake the logo.
i got some more work done one the plane 2day. i got some wood to make some stuts for the wings.

im not going to fully hotglue the wings together untell u get "The Beef" setup

sadly the moder on my house AC went out so my dad had it fixed and it toke likw $280to fix it :| but im hoping i can still get this plane flying soon. within a week or two.
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1 pound is not too heavy. You don't need a power setup that gives you vertical.

I would recommend a Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 3S 45-90C battery. I use them on quite a few different planes. And the cool thing is they have a 10C charge rate. I think they are going for about $14 each now.

A CF2812 motor w/ 7 x 6 prop
30 amp ESC
Even if you went with a different setup, this should come in at half what you think.

If you want vertical or just some good power, you could go with a 400 size motor like the 2830-13 for about $17.

Put a 8040 x 3 prop on it would look cool.
And we are talking about 32oz of thrust!

Again, use a 30 or maybe a 40 amp ESC. It won't hurt to have a bigger ESC than what you need. Less chance of burning it up. Just make sure you have some good air over it to cool it. You should be able to pick one up for $20 or less.

I like to buy things at Heads Up Hobby. They have great shipping rates and usually ship your items in less than 24h.
I buy my batteries at Hobby King.
I'm sure you can find similar items at other places too. Good luck and hope to see some videos of this flying!


Dedicated foam bender
I'll second Heads Up. I even buy batteries there on occasion. The motor selection is good and they have prop sizes and stats on their motors that a lot of sites don't have. Best thing is those stats are from their own testing, so you know they are real numbers and not fudged manufacturer stats!
alright. thx for the help. now before i place the orders for the part. heres what im planing to use

HobbyKing 20A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack

Turnigy 2830 Brushless Motor 800kv

GWS HD8040 3 Blade Prop Counter Rotate (2pc)

i want to know if the ESC, lipo, and the motor will work together befor i order. if not plz let me know what will work.


Dedicated foam bender
I would get some 9" props too, just in case. 8" seems a little small for 800Kv or are you planning on using twin motors, out on the wingtips, like you had in the mock up?


Dedicated foam bender
That's going to add more drag... You might want to leave those off until you get some flights on it and get it trimmed out and flying well. A windmilling prop is still a disc that creates drag.
I made the logo for the side. I was thinking you could print it out on a good color printer, exacts knife it out, then just use some super77 to stick it to the plane.


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not realy much of a update but i made a RC Sato Mobile to go with the plane.

im going to do some work around the house and hopfuly get some money for the parts i need