Let´s design the Scott Racer!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I think an H8 quad copter using only EDF units with a rotating turret underneath that holds a go pro and a pair of estes rocket launchers triggered from the transmitter with a blender on top and a turkey in front to pilot it all. It needs to be strong enough to carry a brick as well. :black_eyed:

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off


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OK Gentlemen, grab pencil, rule of thumb and your materials of choice and start your design engines!
I am already finishing my mood board, and working out the look and wing plan. Its going to be Dieselpunk style...


Ok, let's make it a 14 channel, dual EDF, running a 6S pack with 4 individual bomb bays and 2 machine guns, flaps, retracts, afterburner mod and painted like the Blue Angels.

So that everyone can easily build and own one. :black_eyed:

Hey, I thought if anyone would appreciate a flying Gibson Flying V it would be you!


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I´m thinking the Scottsler should be based in this plane, the Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden. But with a slimmer meaner body. Color, classic pylon racer or cammo. Probably just a tad larger then the Bixler2 :) :

Motor should be the AEO -RC CR23M contra rotating three blade. 80 grams 800 gram thrust. Dual 20 amp ESC. Battery 3s 4000mA.

I even found some build threads.
From the looks of the video in the first link it would need a 3axis gyro, and a bit more size.
this second link is of larger versions http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=642695
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i think we should just make something up that has never been done before high wing stable flight characteristics fast and aerobatic make a design and sent it to josh scott


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You Guys are thinking TOO advanced:

Hobby King can "Rebrand" this one the "Scottsler" ;)

Here is my entry for the "ScottslerII" :rolleyes:



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I like something like this...


Maybe with the vertical stabs in the wing though.

Or something like this!



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How bout something simple, but fastish looking. Easy enough to mount your missles and bombs on, with the 30's racer style. A sleeker RC version of the Blackhawk Models Racer which is a Walt Musciano design for half A. The old Pine log construction kits have a special place and can look pretty sweet when a little elbow grease are put into them. Shoulder mounted wing. Swapable fuse. Go head and make it a bipe with a wing on the bottom of the fuse and narrow spacing similar to the Reno Biplane racing class airplanes.

That would look real cute though not being quite as unique as an avenger.


how about something like the Burnelli UB-14 burnelli_ub14.jpg

Its a lifting body fuselage, so should have a good stall speed, and should be pretty stable in the air.

or if you're looking for a bad ass looking plane, how about something from the rocket racing league?


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Dont forget, it has to come in a four pack, with an iPad. :applause:
I second the rocket plane, with bombs etc.

Josh Scott

Sounds like you guys are on the right track. Man I'm honored! If I could add my two cents I would love to have something with a great glide slope. I love not having to carry power when coming in for a landing. You guys are awesome!