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Let me be the first to post here: gaui hurricane 425

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
I'm selling my hurricane 425 basic if anyone here is interested.

I flew it all last season and it's a great value 500size heli. Not as blingy as a trex clone but a solid flyer for cheap. It can be converted to 500mm or 550mm blades easily too.

This is an airframe only. I sold the electronics already. I also don't have main blades either. The fiberglass canopy is cracked up good from a hard crash. That's the bad.

The good is that everything has been fixed. I have over $150 in new in package parts plus a few other parts. The head has been upgraded to CNC. The grips are still plastic as the CNC grips are made for 550 sized blades. I have 2 sets of KBDD paddles and have upgraded the tail rotor to an X5 version. The servo arms are jr pattern with custom heli parts carbon adapters. The belt is brand new, never used.

This heli is really versatile in that the gearing can be changed to run proper head speed on motors from 850kv to 1600kv. I have 13,14,15,16 tooth pinions and a 50 tooth front gear installed I have a 42 tooth front gear as well. The 425 size runs perfect with a 1400kv motor, 60 amp ESC, and two 2200mah 3s lipos in series. I also ran 2500mah 6s packs for longer flight times

The basic kit was $75.00 new, I have $150.00 in spares and the CNC head was over $100.00 the canopy was another $30.00 (it didn't come with one) but its pretty much wrecked. I'd like $150.00 plus shipping. I'll remove the tail boom and the head for shipping

Thanks for looking