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Let the Fun Begin!

Hi All,

Wanted to send out a quick update on the family progress in getting into this hobby. I have asked a few questions here and there but could not respond to answers or give updates too detailed as RC was the theme for Xmas for the family this year. As the boys read the site here as well as me, I had to keep things close to the chest.

Between Santa and mom and Dad, the boys (and me too) are pretty set up. Thanks to this site and a few others, I think we have done pretty well and hopefully avoided some expense in making bad decisions on stuff to get.

All in all, here is what we got to get going:

Supercub (original FM version - we had this previously before we got the RC bug)

HK Bixler
EOT Models - Rare Bear
PX Extra 300

I think these planes will provide a great progression for us as we gain skills and confidence. No plans to fly the Extra until we are ready...

5xe(came with our Sim)

A ream (not sure what else to call it) of FFF (blue variety)
4 various motors and some HK orange receivers
HK Smart6 charger and a few HK battery packs.

Of course it's now time to get going in earnest. We did already build our first plane from plans (the Fun Bat). Had a blast making it and learned a lot. Unfortunately, we only got 3 short flights (total of no more than 3 minute flight time) before we destroyed it (see link to video below). Oh well, worth every penny and time in for what we learned.

Funbat Maiden Flight:

Funbat Final (and brief) Flight:

Looking for plans to build a few easier flying (possibly indoor type) planes as the Funbat may have been too much plane...

This site has helped me and the boys quickly get down the learning curve. I hope to be more active going forward as we are past the holiday and don't have to keep things quiet.

Happy Flying!
Way to go Dad. Nothing like the time spent with the kids doing it together. What fun and memories all of you will create with this hobby.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Sounds like you are off to a great start. Couldn't put together much of a better hangar than that. Looking forward to more pictures and videos.
Brilliant! You're doing it right. Newbies scratch building w/ FFF are rare indeed. I thought the maiden was perfect. I know the first flight cost a few bucks to launch, but family and film are priceless. Thx for sharing.


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Looking for plans to build a few easier flying (possibly indoor type) planes as the Funbat may have been too much plane...
The Funbat is a little tricky on high rates, but if you dial it down it's a real baby. I've had the battery fall out (to the ground) on mine a couple of times and the plane's just floated down gently without control input! Stick with it.


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Very Nice Job :applause:
26 degrees in Minnesota is a really nice day i bet. Keep up the fun. Once your hooked it only gets crazier from here :cool:


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That CoG looked a bit far back, or the thrust angle could have been too far up.

Good stuff though!

And wow, how cold! I'm in shorts and shirt! :cool:
Hey guys thanks for the feedback. Sorry about the bad video. Didn't plan on posting any video so did not try to film for that purpose, but then thought, what the heck let's throw it out there.

I agree the COG and/or Thrust Angle were off. We had the battery as far forward as we could but don't think it was quite right. While the plane is most likely not useable, all of the electronics are still good. We will just move them to the next plane we build. I love the $1 Store foam...

The youngest son and I have completed putting the Bixler together and hope to get it out flying soon. Will probably stay away from flying over the lake as nosing into the ice seems to not agree too well with the planes :). I am just trying to decide if we go with the stock control horns or replace them before the maiden. It seems to be a theme that they are junk so I want to replace them out of the gate. The two places I want to order them from are out of stock and the young man is getting anxious so not sure if we will wait or not.

Thanks again for the feedback. Look forward to posting more of our adventures as we move forward.