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Let's Fly! - Blunt Nose Versa


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We wish we could take credit for this one, but this project was born and raised by the Flite Test community. Thank you guys so much!

With the Blunt Nose Versa mod you have plenty of space for your electronics, or more importantly, your FPV setup!

We went out to Furey Field with two of these guys and had an amazing FPV experience. Screenshots below!

This mod is extremely simple so we threw in a quick build after all the flying. If you want to build one yourself, you can pick up a Blunt Nose Conversion Kit in the store, or download the plans for FREE below.


We can't thank the community enough for the continued inspiration and support. This project wouldn't exist without you guys, and neither would the show! You are all amazing!




Have a mod for your favorite scratch build? Let us know!
The blunt nose or "Versa Wing Bold" as I call it is an awesome platform. It is a beast and can carry a really heavy load.

This is one I built last year and flies great. I made it with a larger version of the power pod so it can be a pusher or tractor just by switching the pod around.

photo 1.JPG
photo 3.JPG


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Awesome episode guys! I enjoy the flight videos to start with, it takes what you guys do (making entertaining videos) and attaches it with the object lesson of the video (aka the build video). Plus it's longer! I always am wanting a longer video from you guys! Can't get enough.
Glad to hear key little hints like "part for THE KRAKEN" and the planes in the background that peak our interest for future videos as well. Seriously...THE KRAKEN!!! Can't wait for that build. Imagine a Blunt Nose Kraken and the payload that could take...
Keep up the good work!
I think it might have been better if rather than it having the blunt nose, the nose extended a little bit, as it seems now that the cg has been moved forward, its going to be harder to balance the plane if you are flying with just a board camera, as the gopro ads a lot of weight to the nose. if the front was extended then getting the propper cg would have been a ton easier without needing dead weight
What is the new model weight after the modification?

And this episode was great! I think that flitetest needs to feature more modifications.


Fly yes... land no.
I've printed the plans. I'll start this weekend as the flying weather looks limited.

I have a few other FPV ready planes but have not tried a wing or rear prop plane yet.
Also want something small that does not require assembly at the field.
So this will be great. Drop in a 2200 and have some fpv fun. Just the way it should be.
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After installing the RMRC Starter 5.8GHz kit on my VersaWing that had only about 6 flights on it, all LOS, I didn't listen to the FT crews advice that switching LOS and FPV is a little disorienting and hard. Well, I lost orientation and ended up in a tree. The wind blew it down to the ground from about 30ft up (yes a tall tree) but the battery was dead and the impact tore the motor mount clean off the back with the foam coming off the bottom paper. It's actually repairable, but would require a lot more weight to the rear with ply or popsicle sticks to reinforce... this blunt nosed versa wing is perfectly timed for a rebuild. All the electronics survived. The VTX circular polarized antenna has a plastic housing that's loose, so I have to check the antenna or replace it. Anyway, looking forward to a new build with the larger center section. My old 2200mAh battery was a very tight fit on the versa and not heavy enough even with the FPV gear to balance it without deadweight.


Fly yes... land no.
Ok servo replacement. Cut from the top or the bottom?

I was setting up push rods and something broke in the servo.


Fly yes... land no.
All ready for it's first flight.


I needed some nose weight due to my motor setup so added the GPS in.


9X RX underneath.


Barn-door access.


Same idea for the FPV TX. All my FPV gear can be swapped from plane to plane so I made sure I could run the wires easily.


ESC and OSD.


I wish I had put the motor mount more forward.


To counter the tail heavy issue I added some nose weight in the form of 2 allen keys.
Not much weight but made the difference. Now she's nose heavy.
Using Zippy Compact 2200's.
Set back a touch because when I put to far forward it prevented the cap from closing.
In this position I have access to the ESC and FPV power plugs.

She checks in at 900g loaded with battery and fpv kit. Not that light but should still be good.

I had a servo broke while doing the control setup.
Ended up cutting it out to replace it.

Once I manually folded the control surfaces over and then programmed some limits into the ER9X the servos were not over loading anymore. $2 error.

Can't wait to fly this wing. If it goes well this will be my quick and easy FPV platform. 15-20 mins to setup the night before but no assembly required when I get to the flying field.


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Fly yes... land no.
I flew the BNV 2 times today. High winds and (16kph) and silly cold temps -18C but it was a blast.

Started the first flight with 70% on the control limits. 2nd at 50. I think I'll settle in the middle but even at 50 I was having a lot of fun doing loops and rolls.

Great plane. The toss is a bit to get used to and I'm noticing some stress on the foam in the spot I was gripping. So I'll beef that up a touch.

Need a little colour to help with LOS flying but nothing crazy. Just some lines on the top.

I did not even min wax this plane as I expect it will be more of a test bed and I'll build a new one later this spring.

Not bad. Built Friday/Sat and flown on Sunday.

FPV is next.

Video posts coming soon.


Fly yes... land no.
Video #1 as promised.

Flown with the limits at 70%

And flight #2 at 50% on the limits.

I need to dial in some up elevator on the controls.

Also noticing the area I'm using to toss the wing to launch is showing signs of wear.
I'm going to add some of that extreme tape but wonder if a inner spar in that spot would help.
Something I might add to the next version I build.

Just switched to an antenna with a shorter stem so the FPV kit is safer.

Just need to add some colours and go fpv'n

Huge thumbs up. BUILD or buy this plane!



Fly yes... land no.
A little colour.
Switched to a shorter 5.8 antenna. The other one was taller and more exposed.
Added some up elevator.
Sorted the battery access hatch securing issue with 2 small magnets.
Also upgraded the GoPro Advanced Securing Device. (GPASD)
Trying a little blue underneath (Pay no attention to the damage I inflicted on my son's blender.


Fly yes... land no.
HD version of flight #2
1000 KV Motor, 9x6 APC Pusher, Zippy Compact 2200
900g and with a 8min flight I saw a perfect run out of my battery.

Again you guys made my weekend. It was snowing, cold and the whole family was sick.
Rather then sitting on the couch watching movies I was active and having fun.

I'm very much looking forward to spring if it ever comes.


Fly yes... land no.
Actually that is a great question.

I need more time to truly answer that but off the top of my head.

Both feature a 48" wingspan.
Both can carry FPV gear really well.

The Versa seems more aerobatic and is lighter but can it take a crash like Boomer?

FPV wise I'll know more next weekend.

Boomer for the 1 short flight I did was very stable and I could slow it down.
Versa I expect to be a touch more align.
Both can handle the winds.

Both have their + and -'s in my books.

+ front prop setup is more efficient.
+ easier to toss into the air.
+ can take a crash.
+ stable at all speeds.
- 2 batteries (helps cg and flight time).
- heavier due to my deigns.
- tall static rudder is annoying to transport.

+ Simple design but did take several hours to complete.
+ Very controllable but required computer radios for sure.
+ Aero efficient.
- Rear props tossing can be daunting.
- Tight cargo but still decent.

See I love twins. Boomer's gear is slated to go into a WWII Bomber my son and I working on.
The Versa like a few of the other FT planes fits a demand I saw.
FPV Bird I can setup in 20 mins and go flying with no assembly required at the field.
I have a Bixler 2 on order which will be great FPV plane but I need the family sedan to bring that so that is where the Versa will work nicely I suspect.

Still for my first pusher plane and wing I'm over the moon impressed and excited.
I need more ESC's ;)